Step 1, We Chat

First, we’ll get to know each other. I want to get to know you both and what you’re all about! What are you into, what excites you, and how do you envision your wedding day? This is where you can ask me questions and get a feel for what it will be like to work with me.

Step 3, Design Your Day

This is where the fun begins! Do you want to sail to a private island with ten of your nearest loves ones? Hike to the summit of Mount Washington at sunrise to exchange vows? Get married on the cliffs of Acadia National Park? Anything is possible.

Step 2, Book a Date

All I require is a date and general location to book. We can iron out the details and really start planning later. Currently I am booking elopements and small weddings up to one year in advance.

Step 4, The Most EPIC Day!

After thoughtful planning, your dream day has arrived. It is stress free, completely original, and could not be better. I am there guiding you through it, making sure everything runs smoothly, and capturing the moments for you to relive for the rest of your life.



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So we can plan your dream wedding