What is an elopement?

It is much more than “I do.”


The term elopement has changed a lot over time. Years ago eloping might have meant a quick wedding without any planning, under the radar and sometimes secret. It often had a shameful connotation. I’m here to tell you that today, eloping means something different. Something beautiful. 

In my opinion an elopement is a thoughtful, rare, meaningful, and extraordinary experience. It is a day in which two people come together to unite in a completely unique way, something that speaks to their relationship. What it isn’t is throwing a lavish party and making sure everyone else is having a blast. It is about the two of you. An elopement can take a year to plan with every detail beautifully ironed out, or it can take a few months and feel more like a “go with the flow” day. The beautiful thing absolutely nothing is off limits. 

Imagine waking up on the day you are marrying your best friend. The day begins by rolling out of bed to summit Mount Washington. You say “I do” with the sun cresting over the trees and spend the rest of the day exploring the magnificent peak. Afterward, you enjoy a picnic overlooking the Presidential Range before you are scooped up and carried away by helicopter to cap off the most epic day of your life taking in the vast expanse of White Mountain National Forest. It’s just the two of you, doing only what you love, where you love. Could it feel any more personal?

In over ten years photographing weddings I have never witnessed a more meaningful way to get married than eloping. I truly believe that planning an intimate wedding is the only way to keep your wedding focused on you. Just like big weddings, elopements aren't for everyone. I’m here for those of you that are raring for adventure, ready to take a leap of faith, and itching to do something different. Because, that is just who you are.