Traveling Cross Country in a 1986 Toyota Sunrader


Well, we made it. After years of searching for the right vehicle, deciding to make the transition from our traditional life to one that allows us to travel and live freely, we bought Sully the Sunrader and have been on the road for just over one month!

This transition has been a long time coming and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. If you’ve heard of Vanlife, full-time RVer’s, Skoolies, or Digital Nomads then you might have an idea of the life we are chasing and the reason we made this crazy decision. And luckily for us being photographers and working for ourselves allows us the flexibility for this kind of life.


Although we’re only one month into living in Sully and we have barely scratched the surface, we are feeling incredible blessed and grateful. This country is absolutely amazing and we wanted to be able to explore it while we’re young and not have to rush through these beautiful settings. So, here we are, living out of our 21ft. vintage motorhome.

I’ll be sharing more along our journey but here is some more info and photos from our journey so far!

Will you still shoot weddings in New England?

Yes! We will be living in Acadia National Park for the Spring, Summer and Fall, photographing amazing weddings and elopements!

Full-Time RVers

What will this change about your business?

One of the big changes coming to our business is our focus on smaller, more intimate weddings and elopements. After experiencing elopements and small weddings we have completely fallen in love with the experience and what it opens up for our clients. Along with focusing on smaller weddings we are beginning to photograph adventure elopements! After taking one of the most incredible workshops in Page, Arizona, we are thrilled to be bringing these adventure elopements to Acadia National Park and White Mountains National Forest and offering this amazing service. We believe that your wedding day should be completely about you and your partner and adventure elopements and small intimate weddings really bring the focus back to the couple.

Why a vintage motorhome?

A few months ago I stumbled upon Toyota motorhomes and fell in love! Their compact size, ability to get almost anywhere, and unique use of space hit all of the must haves for us. We wanted to be able to drive all over the place, get good gas mileage, and have enough space for the two of us and our pup, North. Once we saw Sully it was a match made in heaven! We will renovate it at some point and make changes that best suit us, but for now we are loving it!


How has the transition been so far?

The biggest adjustment for us has been planning. Planning out our water usage, showers, finding wifi, where we will stay, etc. There is a lot of preparing that has to be done when you’re moving 24/7 and that has definitely been the biggest adjustment. What we are finding which has been such a blessing is the online community that has been giving us advice and guidance on how to make this all run smoothly. Everyone has been so helpful and knowledgeable, I don’t know what we would do without this community. Kareem is a little tall for Sully so when we renovate it we are hoping to gain an inch or two from the floor and ceiling! And cooking, we are definitely learning how to cook simple, minimal dish meals ;)


Where to next?

We will be taking the next two months to travel south-east to Florida to visit my parents and sight see along the way, and then back up to New Hampshire for our first wedding of the year the first week of April! We will be taking in as much as we can, photographing everything along the way, and really enjoying this time together.


We are so excited for this transition and all that it is allowing us to do. We cannot thank you enough for being along for the ride and supporting this amazing new adventure! Have a question I didn’t answer above? Comment below and I will be sure to answer anything I can!